I have been building a home machine shop for more than 20+ years. I have built everything from model engines to robots. I have manual and CNC lathes and mills.

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I have been programming for the last few years and slowly adding it to my projects. Follow along to watch my programming skills increase and see what I automate next.

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What is all of this?

Maker: a person or thing that makes or produces something. (

Well I have always been a maker. I didn’t know they had created an identity for people that are always making things, but they have. It started when I was a kid with making plastic model cars, then breaking them apart to customize them.

Then I was always curious how engines worked, I wanted to know how things were made and why things worked the way they did.

This website allows me to share my projects to anyone who might be interested. For years I managed Dean’s 7x10 mini lathe page and it was a good success but overtime the website host was shut down. So, this a continuation of that site plus programming, robotics and whatever else comes up.

I hope you enjoy, Old Dad.