Manual machining

My favorite thing to do in the shop is using my manual machines. I have lathes and mills. Some are bench top and some are floor standing.

CNC Machining

Over time I have purchased a CNC mill and a CNC lathe. I typically don't run production in my shop, so I have them to save time when it comes to complex shapes or maybe doing multiple features in one step.


Probably the least thing I do in the shop but fabrication does happen from time to time. Normally for making improvements to the shop when needed.


Yes, we also do jewelry! This consist of silversmithing, casting, CNC machining custom pieces, silver clay and enamels. We have a website coming just for this work.

CAD, CAM, Deskproto and FEA (static analysys)

With Fusion 360, we have CAD, CAM and FEA to help with our projects.