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Its all about learning something new everyday!

What makes me happy? Learning something new everyday. For me that is a focus on making things. For other people it could be coding or cooking or maybe learning something new for work. Whatever it is, over time this will pay off. I learned how to read assembly drawings as a child, I still need to read them to this day. For me it also the feeling of being able to fix/repair anything. When things break its not a crisis but a challenge for me to learn something new.

Why share?

Well when I teach/share something, I double and triple check myself. I wan't to make sure I really understand what I am saying and I want it to be correct. So for me, it is part of my learning process. Sure I still make mistakes but that's a good thing. When you make mistakes you learn something!!

About me,

I hold a degree in Plastics Engineering Technology and I have worked in management roles and tech positions. To support other hobbies, I started building a machine shop years ago and I recently added an electronics lab. So its a one stop maker shop. 🙂