Arduino/Plant Automation

George the Plant

This project was started because I was curious how hard it would be to automate a garden. I also wanted to see how much I could get an Arduino UNO to do. Starting with a home friendly plant, the first I started to measure was moisture. Once I had that working I added soil temperature, room temperature, room humidity and a light sensor. As the project progressed a small 12-volt pump was added to water the plant. Lastly to record all of this data, the Arduino UNO was connected to WIFI which allowed data to be uploaded every few minutes to the Sparkfun free cloud service.


CAD/CAM and Machining

Seat Bracket

So, this was interesting project. I helped on a motorcycle build with a friend, I was some distance away from the bike and he needed two brackets to mount a custom seat.

I asked him to take multiple pictures as square to the bike as possible and to place a ruler or measuring tape in the image. From the measuring tape, I was able to scale the photo in CAD and send back different options of what the bracket could look like. He selected option 2 and I CNC machined the brackets for him.

The brackets required a slight bend but they fitted without any other adjustments. Not only did the brackets make this café racer look faster but it saved us time by not having to travel multiple times to measure and pickup parts